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Shop Casters, Wheels, Hand Trucks, Shelving, & Many More Material Handling Products

1,500 Products
178 Products
1,323 Products
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4 Locations

Garland's has 4 centrally located stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Colorado.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are dedicated to our customers, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fast Shipping

With Our 4 conveniently located branches, we are always finding the best and fastest way to get product to your door.

Wide Product Selection

We distribute thousands of material handling products, even if it is not listed on our site, it is likely we can source whatever you need.

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Garland's Location
Garland’s Inc has four locations strategically placed throughout the U.S. to allow for optimized shipping as well as the convenience for those that prefer to visit a brick and mortar store!

Mendota Heights, MN

Des Moines, IA

Denver, CO

Green Bay, WI

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